May warns against Corbyn leading Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May will call voters to back her to ensure Brexit from the European Union indicating that the Labor will be unable to deliver a solid deal. The message came when the opinion polls showed that support for Tories declined.

A series of polls ahead of Britain’s June 8 election have revealed the Conservatives’ lead has fallen to between 9% and 13%points from the initial point of competition.

After launching her manifesto last week, including unexpected plans to diminish financial support for senior citizens, May returned to her core message, insisting that Corbyn was not committed to initially, and subsequently incapable of securing a successful Brexit deal.

“The deal we seek will be negotiated by me or Jeremy Corbyn. There will be no time to waste and no time for a new government to find its way,” May will say, according to extracts of a speech that will highlight that the departure talks with the EU could begin in days after the election.

EU government officials are preparing for Brexit talks to begin on June 19, however the date needs a confirmation after the elections.

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