May to critisize EU27 ‘agressive’ stance on Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May will reiterate the need for strong leadership, calling EU27 stance on Brexit “aggressive” as she bids to regain political momentum in a tought competition with Labor’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, narrowing her lead in polls approaching June 8 election.

May, who called an early vote to reaffirm her majority before talks with the European Union.

In a speech on Tuesday,30.05.2017,  she is expected to say that a hardening position by the remainder of the EU27 means that she needs a clear mandate from voters.

“They (EU27) are adopting an aggressive negotiating position, which can only be met by strong leadership on behalf of Britain,” – May is  going to say according to a pre-released text  of the speech.

“If we don’t make a success of the next five years, our economic prosperity will suffer, jobs and livelihoods will be put at risk, and with them the security and peace of mind of working families,” – says the text of the speech.

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