President Aoun: blasts causes unknown

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun said the Beirut  explosion cause remains unknown and that there’s a possible external interference via a rocket, bomb or another act, Reuters reports citing the president’s office.

It was the first acknowledgement by a Lebanese official of the possibility that huge blast may have been caused by a deliberate attack. Previously the prevailing hypothesis has been the negligence of the port administration, which did not evacuate the massive amount of the explosive substance, ignoring the demands of the relevant inspectorate during six years.

In the aftermath of the explosion the official had said a fire at the port had ignited tonnes of ammonium nitrate expropriated from a cargo ship and stored for years in a warehouse, and directly blamed the port administration.

Président also underlined that there will be no international investigation into the explosion causes. “No colonial power will return to Lebanon” he said, while answering questions of press.

The blast has killed at least 154 people, injured around to 5,000 and left 300,000 people homeless, among them 80 000 children.

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