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Boris Johnson challenges PM ahead of Brexit speech

The UK foreign minister Boris Johnson vision on Brexit, and the future of his country was considered as ‘backseat driving” by his own colleagues in government.

Ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May speech in Italy about Britain’s planned EU departure, Johnson published a 4,300-word newspaper article that exceeded  beyond his ministerial brief and, in some cases, the approach set out by the government.

Interior minister Amber Rudd said it was “absolutely fine” for the foreign secretary to intervene publicly but that she did not want him managing the Brexit process.

“What we’ve got is Theresa May managing that process, she’s driving the car,” Rudd told the BBC’s Andrew Marr.

Asked if Johnson was backseat driving, she replied: “Yes, you could call it backseat driving, absolutely.”

Johnson’s article re-ignited speculation that he would challenge May for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Rudd, however, said she did not think Johnson was laying the groundwork to challenge May.

“I think that he, like I, supports the prime minister at this difficult time as we try to conclude the negotiations with the EU,” she said.

May’s deputy, Damian Green, said also weighed in on Sunday, saying that Johnson had written a “very exuberant” article but it is “absolutely clear to everyone that the driver of the car in this instance is the prime minister”.

“It is the job of the rest of us in the Cabinet to agree on a set of proposals and get behind those proposals and get behind the prime minister,” Green told BBC TV.

Johnson had written in the Daily Telegraph that Britain would not pay to access European markets in the future. Once out of the EU, the country should borrow to invest in infrastructure, reform the tax code and set immigration levels as it sees reasonable.

UK to abandon European Court of Justice

The UK will outline its plans  to abandon the “direct jurisdiction” of the European Court of Justice after Brexit, one of Prime Minister Theresa May’s main aims in talks to unravel 40 years of EU membership.

The plans will be laid out in documents Britain has published this month as it attempts to enhance the negotiations with the European Union forward.

The government will try to show little compromise in what it calls a paper to “reinforce the message that after Brexit, the UK will take back control of its laws”.

But in qualifying her language by using the word “direct” before jurisdiction, opposition lawmakers said May had crossed her own “red line” on taking back control, by accepting the court would have influence over British law.

Hammond for “pragmatic” Brexit

British finance minister Philip Hammond said Britain should adopt a “pragmatic” approach to Brexit negotiations which begin on Monday 19th of June (19.06.2017) striking a different tone to Prime Minister Theresa May who has declared to prefer to leave the EU without a deal, than have a poor arrangement.

The debate within Britain’s government about how to leave the international structure called European Union has been in the focus during the snap elections ending in loss of seats for the Conservatives, surfacing without a majority in parliament.

Britain should work closely with the bloc to prioritize jobs and prosperity when Brexit talks start next week, Hammond said to reporters before a meeting of the 28 EU finance ministers on June, 17 (17.06.2017).

“As we enter negotiations next week we will do so in a spirit of sincere cooperation taking a pragmatic approach to trying to find a solution that works both for the UK and for the European Union 27,” he said.

Brexit blurred in elections outcome

As a result of snap elections aimed to reinforce the position of  Prime Minister Theresa May in Brexit negotiation, the Conservatives won 313 seats out of 650 seats declared, unable to reach the 326-mark they need to command a parliamentary majority. Labour had won 260 seats.

Prime Minister Theresa May was aiming to hold on and reinforce her position, while British voters altered her plans, denying her the stronger mandate she had pledged to conduct Brexit talks. As a result of the snap elections May came out with the weakened position in the Parliament, thus no desired strength in Brexit talks, which run high risk to end without any final deal.

With no clear winner emerging from the election, a considerably weakened May confirmed her interest to continue to  lead conservatives, despite losing her majority in the House of Commons. Her rival Jeremy Corbyn insists May should step down.

With Britain’s departure from the European Union talks upholding in 10 days’ time, it is unclear who would form the next government.

Pundits predict May’s victory in snap elections

General election 2017 live: polls show Tory lead as final hour of voting get under way:

A final opinion poll published on Thursday as Britons vote in a national election showed Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives widening their lead to 8 percentage points from a 5 point lead in its previous survey.


A final opinion poll published on Thursday as Britons vote in a national election showed Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives widening their lead to 8 percentage points from a 5 point lead in its previous survey.


May warns against Corbyn leading Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May will call voters to back her to ensure Brexit from the European Union indicating that the Labor will be unable to deliver a solid deal. The message came when the opinion polls showed that support for Tories declined.

A series of polls ahead of Britain’s June 8 election have revealed the Conservatives’ lead has fallen to between 9% and 13%points from the initial point of competition.

After launching her manifesto last week, including unexpected plans to diminish financial support for senior citizens, May returned to her core message, insisting that Corbyn was not committed to initially, and subsequently incapable of securing a successful Brexit deal.


“The deal we seek will be negotiated by me or Jeremy Corbyn. There will be no time to waste and no time for a new government to find its way,” May will say, according to extracts of a speech that will highlight that the departure talks with the EU could begin in days after the election.

EU government officials are preparing for Brexit talks to begin on June 19, however the date needs a confirmation after the elections.

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