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Putin approves crossbow hunting

This month Russians have received permission to hunt in an archaic way with crossbows and bows. The “licence to kill” was signed by President Vladimir Putin, who is a hunter himself, explaining it as a part of “national tradition“. The proponents of archery method of hunting underlined that it will allow many more people to join  two million strong ranks of Russian hunters. Among critics of the bow hunting are not only animal welfare defenders, veterinarians, ecologists, and humanists, who denounce it as barbarism, but also economists, who underline that the permission of archaic forms of hunting indicates profound malaise of government, unable to ensure modern urban lifestyle for majority of Russians, providing them with affordable, safe, sanitary controlled food, replacing it by game meats, representing health risks.

Allowing primitive methods of hunting, and engaging broader public into providing themselves with game meat,  is an indirect recognition of food shortage, especially in Siberia, where lately a problem of hungry children falling unconscious in schools occurred. “..And if you are not lucky in hunting with bows, you have to eat grass” Russian social networks react.

This year children’s ombudsman of Kuzbass said that pupils in schools in Kemerovo (West Siberia) region suffered hungry faints, because parents do not have means for breakfast at home, and even less so to give them 50 rubles (EUR 0,7) to pay for school meals.

Allowing hunting with crossbows and bows upon the licence and a permit and registration of weapons, the new law will  have “the most positive impact on the development of the entire hunting industry in Russia, as well as on the image of Russia as a great hunting power”, according to opinion of Russian  State Duma.

Earlier, Vladimir Lebedev, deputy chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council on Agriculture and Food Policy, said that Russians have tens of thousands of such weapons, so its legalization for hunting will be useful for amateur hunters. 

The number of hunters in Russia has almost doubled in recent years, but unfortunately the scale of action of the poachers has also multiplied. Local residents in Siberia complain, that poaching have reached a level of organised industry: some shoot, others transport, skin killed animals to deliver of skilled salesman of game meat. (Tweet below: ad of Siberian bear meat).

Siberian  veterinarians warn of the danger of infection of people from game meats that have not passed sanitary control: the consequences can be devastating for human health, even lethal if not timely diagnosed. A significant proportion of bear meat is unsuitable for consumption, since the animals are  vehicles of a number of diseases dangerous for humans, namely Trichinosisa parasitic disease caused by roundworms. Wild bore, moose, and especially reindeer are the most frequent vehicles of Cysticercosis, fatal to human brain as a frequent site of localization, among other consequences is liver failure.

In Siberia game meat is delivered, in particular, to cafes on the highways, where sanitary inspections are rare. In most places it is unclear if meat has passed sanitary control and the procedures required by food safety standard.

Among exotic meats wolf  flesh is among most expensive in Russia, amounting to 30 euro/kg (RUB2000). Next to bear consumption, it gains popularity under Chinese influences in Siberia, where lately more cases of dog consumption have been reported. There is also a rapidly growing black market of exporting parts of wild life to China for transitional medicine.

Across the European Union the crossbows for hunting is prohibited as barbarism. Having an impact of more than 40 kg, in case of a hunting accident, the damages to human body are incompatible with life, causing internal bleeding. Even in countries where bows are allowed for hunting, crossbows are strictly prohibited.

The bow hunting however is allowed locally in some countries as Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria and Slovenia practice restricted archery,  Estonia also allows bow hunting, but for a small game.

Bear with cub

Russian animal rights group VITA launched a champagne to veto the law, insisting that archery as hunting method is degrading to human beings, reversing the development of humankind, devastating to nature, and atrocious to animals.



Russia’s Imperial present to poachers

Anna van Densky, OPINON

A specially generous gift has been made by Russian Ministry of Nature to poachers and hunters removing the most protected species from the Red Book. During the end of year celebrations startled Russians discovered that the Ministry, supposedly devoted to protection of nature and endangered animals, openly made a gesture pleasing the poachers, and hunters rejoicing over decriminalisation of killing of rarest species – the the wildest dreams trophies.

The species under threat of extinction, in particular the snow sheep (Ovis nivicola), the Himalayan black bear (Ursus thibetanus laniger), and even the majestic snow leopard (Panthera uncia) disappeared from the Red Book. A group of prominent academics from the Russian Academy of Sciences presumed that this is due to a hunting lobby.

The academics wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to speak in defense of Russian environmental science and instruct to abolish the decision taken by the Ministry of Natural Resources. (Open letter in Tweet below):

“The Red Book is in danger! The extincting species removed, but already extinct added. Who benefit from the farse with “dead souls”? Russia legalises the killings of Red Book animals?” – says the tweet of VITA Russian animal protection centre.


Snow leopard

“By the end of the Year of Ecology and the year of specially protected natural areas, the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergei Donskoi signed an order (ukaz) approving of fauna listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and expelled from it,” –  the deputy director of a department of the Ministry of Natural Resources Igor Davydov said, quoted by RIA Novosti.

The Red Book has not been updated since 1998, with the exception of three changes introduced in a decade. At the same time it is desirable to conduct an audit every ten years, the department insisted.

Lebedev SF

Recently Russian upper chamber of parliament the Council of Federation has been implicated in another scandal, actively lobbying interests of hunters. Dubbed as a ‘Club of billionaires’ senators defend the most violent and abhorret forms of hunting, as ‘cubbing’ – training dogs on wild animals shredding them into pieces. (Pictured: senator Vladimir Lebedev, hunter and deputy chair of the Committee for Agriculture and Nature of Russia’s Federation Council with his trophy as a featured image, and during the hearing in the Council above).

Many Russian nouveaux riches, including senators-oligarchs, are well-known for their megalomania purchasing chateaux in Europe and penchant for restoration of life-style of late tsars at home, indulging themselves in hunting, presumably to mask their too modest origins, and a dramatic lack of culture.

Next to entertainment of Russian nouveaux riches  the lifted hunting ban ensures flows of foreign fans of bloody “sports” as an additional source of income for state purse, and local communities in decline, especially after the application of the EU sanctions against Kremlin.