Europe Diplomatic multimedia is providing information on international affairs and diplomacy on the European continent with focus on work of the international organization as the the European Union (EU),  Council of Europe (CoE), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE),  United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Europe Diplomatic Magazine is devoted to international relations of Europe in its geographic frame, including countries outside the EU as Norway, Russia, Switzerland, and UK (exiting EU on 29 of March 2019), and the countries-members of the CoE.

The contemporary site architecture and design are largely oriented toward dynamic and mobile audiences, using smartphones and tablets. The Magazine is projected onto social media, especially Twitter micro blog, and Facebook, ensuring worldwide audience and swift dissemination of information in its interactive  form, engaging readership in communication.

Europe Diplomatic Magazine associates with a multimedia agglomeration of eight sites:  five specialized in international affairs and diplomacy, and three sites focused on tourism and gastronomy. The five  intertwined sites have different formats and cover various aspects of international relations: the European Union external actions, EU-Africa relations, human rights, security and defence, migration. Additionally to international affairs and diplomacy as major subjects, there is coverage of the EU economies and finance in Brussels Economic. Brussels Star edition assembles mentioned above issues in French language.

The agglomeration includes three integrated online blogs, specialised on tourism, wine and gastronomy in English, French and Italian (below).

The content of three integrated online blogs on tourism and gastronomy is on continuous display on five sites devoted to international affairs.

Geography: the editorial is focused on European services and products, promoting them worldwide, however taking into consideration that the overwhelming majority of our readers residing in Western Europe and North America, the touristic destinations and gastronomy products from other continents of interest to our audiences can be regarded.

Figures: From 2012 the audiences of the agglomeration has considerably enlarged due to media digitization, reaching more than eight million visitors in 2018with an average of 100 000 visits a month, and peaks of 500 000 visits. With Europe Diplomatic leading with four million readers, and Africa Diplomatic on the second place with three million visits.

Medium: The agglomeration has already had its history of transformation from a print newsletter, to an electronic media, and further to multimedia, including a substantial volume of graphic: both photo- and video. At present Europe Diplomatic agglomeration is shaped as a contemporary medium project following the European Digital agenda closely, it has been involved in continuous adaptation and modernization of its appearance facilitating communication, and meeting expectations of multinational audiences.

Europe Diplomatic has been progressing as an independent project, reflecting on the situation in post-Brexit Europe covering ongoing developments, and events on the European continent beyond the EU. Initially Europe Diplomatic (2017) was launched, joining Brussels Diplomatic (2012) in response to the  Brexit referendum results, but swiftly became a leading site within the agglomeration, reflecting the trends and interests of the readership.