• MEPs urge to abandon live animal transport

    Brussels 06.12.2021 After 18 months of fact-finding, Parliament’s committee of inquiry into the protection of animals during transport adopted its conclusions and recommendations. 🆕Animal welfare: @EP_AnimalTran MEPs urge a shift

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  • Venice Floating Nativity

    Brussels 06.12.2021 Venice has been attracting people for hundreds of years, and with a natural setting as its lagoon, where even a floating nativity scene has become an open-air artwork.

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  • Omicron: France restricts travel

    Brussels 02.12.2021 France has announced new rules for all travellers – vaccinated or not – arriving in France from non-EU countries in the face of the new variant of Covid-19

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  • Merkel antivaxers exclusion

    Brussels 02.12.2021 Angela Merkel has announced a de facto lockdown of the unvaccinated, and that Germany’s parliament Bundestag will soon vote on making vaccination mandatory. Merkel Announces Restrictions on Unvaccinated,

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  • Swiss referendum on COVID19 law

    Brussels 28.11.2021 Swiss vote on COVID-19 law amid steep surge in infections in Confederation. Voters casting ballots in the referendum will decide whether Switzerland should impose strict sanitary restrictions. Swiss

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  • Europarl: Belarus sanctions in view

    Strasbourg 26.10.2021 Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya spoke to MEPs about the continuing crackdown on dissenting voices in Belarus and called on the EU to take firm action against the regime. What can

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  • Maltese MEP Metsola ascends President’s seat

    Strasbourg 24.11.2021 The European Parliament’s largest group the EPP on Wednesday, Nov.24, nominated Maltese MEP Robert Metsola as their candidate to lead the House. #EP #President Malta @RobertaMetsola elected my

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  • Europarl: Green Certificate under fire

    Strasbourg 24.11.2021 The Green Certificate continues to cause vivid polemics among the Members of the European Parliament. Next to the mainstream support of the measure, considered to be beneficial to

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  • EU-Central Asia meeting

    Brussels 22.10.2021 “Resilience, prosperity & supporting regional cooperation – these are the priorities set out in the EU-Central Asia Strategy, which remain today more relevant than ever to guide our

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  • Europarliament acts remotely

    Brussels 20.11.2021 Due to rising COVID-19 cases, the Conference of presidents decided to approve the president’s proposal to reintroduce remote participation and voting for MEPs as of 22 November. (Image:

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