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Vatican hopes to recover Caravaggio masterpiece

The Vatican has called a conference of exerts in an attempt to recover “the world’s most wanted painting”, a Nativity by Caravaggio brutally stolen from a Palermo church allegedly by the Mafia 39 years ago, the day after it was phrased in a TV show about ‘forgotten‘ art treasures. Recently the investigators made a trip to an unspecified city in Eastern Europe in connection with their enquiries, suggesting that there might be a recovery of the masterpiece soon.

The meeting at Palazzo della Cancelleria aims to “put the Nativity at the centre of international debate so that the painting can finally be found”. The priceless painting by Caravaggio was first believed to have been destroyed shortly after it disappeared in 1969.
However the investigators say is actually still intact and could be hidden somewhere in Eastern Europe, while earlier this year there was an information about traces of it in Switzerland.

Police specialised in hunting down stolen art have come upon traces of the work and are convinced it is still in one piece, Colonel Fernando Musella of the Carabinieri police told a press conference

Bansky self-destructive art performance

The Bristol street artist’s iconic Girl with a Balloon artwork was shred into pieces moments it went under the hammer at Sotheby’s. The piece sparked a intense bidding  when it came up for auction at a sale at the London auction house yesterday.

It was listed at £300,000 but it soon more than doubled the estimate and raced up to a final deal of £860,000 or £1 million including taxes.


Mona Lisa suffered thyroid deficiency

The most famous model in the history of humanity was not exemplary in terms of health: Mona Lisa suffered hypothyroidism, or thyroid deficiency which reflected in symptoms of her yellowish skin, thinning hair and a hint of goitre on her neck, the US researchers suggest.
In an article published in the September 2018 issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Brigham and Women’s Hospital researcher Mandeep Mehra and University of California, Santa Barbara’s Hilary Campbell thinks that clinical hypothyroidism is a more likely diagnosis than previous hypotheses including a lipid disorder and heart disease.
The enigma of the Mona Lisa can be resolved by a simple medical diagnosis of a hypothyroidism-related illness,” Dr.Mehra said.
In many ways, it is the allure of the imperfections of disease that give this masterpiece its mysterious reality and charm.” Had Lisa Gherardini suffered from heart disease and a lipid disorder, it’s unlikely she would have lived to such an advanced age given the limited treatments available in 16th century Italy, the scientists suggest.
Dr. Mehra cited the Mona Lisa‘s thinning hair, yellow skin, and possible goitre as visual symptoms of hypothyroidism.
“The diet of Italians during the Renaissance was lacking in iodine, and resulting goiters (swollen gland) were commonly depicted in paintings and sculptures of the era,” he said.

“Additionally, Lisa Gherardini gave birth shortly before sitting for the portrait, which indicates the possibility of peripartum thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid after pregnancy).”

American designer dresses Moët & Chandon Champagne

The decision of Virgil Abloh (37) to style a limited-edition bottle for the 275-year-old legendary Moët & Chandon Champagne came as a surprise to many fans of the American designer, who made a name in ultra modern fashion.

However Abloh himself does not consider the choice as contradictory to his artistic credo. “They approached me saying they had an opportunity to work on a special edition of their Champagne and I thought it interesting—so I agreed,” Abloh explains his interest in a legendary wine house. “For me, Moët is the best in class, you know. It’s an authentic product with an authentic history, you know, all the elements—that usually intrigues me to think of ideas.”

The designer dressed two editions of Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé “ready-to-wear” bottle, which be available for sale, and a three-liter Jeroboam, which will be exclusively destined  to family and friends. Both collections will be released on October 15—with the 750ml priced at $60.

This year African-American from  Illinois Virgil Abloh has every  reason to raise a glass of Champagne to celebrate life becoming an artistic director for mensware of French legendary Louis Vuitton‘s fashion house.



Seniors welcome to Italian ‘fiscal paradise’

The project of attracting EU senior citizens to Italian southern regions has been proposed by  Lega, the Right wing party ascending power, led by Matteo Salvini, who intends to reverse population decline, offering tax free decade to Europeans, settling in economically fragile areas.

Lega party proposes effective measures to reverse the chronic population decline in traditionally poorer regions of the country, suffering from economic stagnation and high employment by attracting Europeans to settle there promising liberation from tax burdens for 10 years.

The pilot-project will initially focus on three  regions suffering population decline –Sardinia,  Sicily and Calabria.

“We think it could appeal to foreigners – Italy is a beautiful country,” said Alberto Brambilla, economic adviser to Matteo Salvini, now the interior minister and head of leader of of the party.

“We’re trying to provide an incentive for the transfer of older people (towards the south),” Mr Brambilla, who came up with the idea, told La Repubblica newspaper.

The scheme will be open not only to Italians but to the EU citizens, however the seniors remain the major target group of the project.




Austrian dazzling wedding

Special guest Vladimir Putin arrived at the Austrian foreign minister’s wedding with an opulent bouquet of flowers for the bride. Karin Kneissl celebrating union with multi-millionaire entrepreneur Wolfgang Meilinger.

The appearance of Russian leader sparkled a whole range of reactions, and left hardly anyone indifferent. However bride made the best choice to mark her wedding as a unique and unforgettable event, inviting one of the most powerful world political players to attend. Since times of the late Tsar Nicolas II Russian heads of state have  not been seen at weddings abroad.



Brussels Flower Carpet in Mexican style

This summer, the famous Brussels Flower Carpet on the Grand-Place is devoted to Guanajuato, a Mexican region with an exceptionally rich culture and flower tradition. And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Grand-Place becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site, a visitor will also greeted by  a stunning floral exhibition at the Bourse square.


Every other summer, on the weekend of August 15th, the Flower Carpet offers a chance to stroll across the Grand-Place, a jewel of Gothic architecture, to inhale the fragrant scent of the begonias and admire its details. This extraordinary spectacle is made complete by a visit to the balcony of the Town Hall, which offers a wide-angle view of the work. A musical theme is especially composed for each edition. A concert is given on the Grand-Place every evening and accompanies a magnificent sound-and-light show.

The Flower Carpet is 75 m long by 24 m wide. 1,800 m2 of begonias, dahlias, grass and bark.
A hundred volunteers assemble the carpet in less than eight hours.
The first Flower Carpet of Brussels was created in 1971 and has been a showstopper every two years on the Grand-Place since 1986.IMG_0716[1]

The Flower Carpet is 75 m long by 24 m wide. 1,800 m2 of begonias, dahlias, grass and bark. A hundred volunteers assemble the carpet in less than eight hours.
The first Flower Carpet of Brussels was created in 1971 and has been a showstopper every two years on the Grand-Place since 1986.



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