EU: Fur-free Europe million+ signatures

Brussels 07.12.2022 More than a million European citizens have signed the Petition “FUR-Free Europe” to stop the cruel Cave Age practice of wearing fur. The barbaric tradition of skinning animals for their fur coats is not only outdated and barbaric, but it is also contradictory to the EU Treaty, clearly stating in the Article 13 that the animals are the SENTIENT BEINGS.

Act now for a fur-free Europe

The welfare of animals is a European value, and the EU citizens are clearly indicating to the institutions their devotion to humanism as the European way of life.

“Each year, more than 100 million animals, such as mink, foxes, chinchilla and raccoon dogs, are kept and then killed for their fur around the world. They spend their short, miserable lives in small and barren metal cages, where they cannot exhibit their natural behaviour and can suffer from disease, wounds, self-mutilation and even cannibalism.

“The European Union is one of the largest producers and importers of fur, with more than 18 million animals killed for their fur in 2020. Although 14 EU member states have imposed full bans on fur production, fur farming is still legal in a number of countries and the import and sale of fur and fur products within the union and from third countries is not restricted”.

“HSI/Europe, together with more than 70 other organisations, has launched the “Fur-Free Europe” European Citizens’ Initiative to demand an EU-ban on fur farming and import of fur products. Once we reach 1 million validated signatures, the European Commission is obliged to deliver a formal response”.

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