EU anticipating May's 'Florence offer'

The EU expects British Prime Minister Theresa May to attempt to break a deadlock in Brexit talks over the coming days by indicating a readiness to pay the block for stay in the Single market for years after Brexit. (Image: Florence, San Marco, fresco ‘Last Supper’)

Reportedly the senior officials involved in Brexit negotiations in Brussels, Berlin and other capitals said they had not received any concrete proposals from May ahead of a speech in Florence, Italy, on Friday, September, 22.  May is expected to draw her vision of Britain’s future relationship with the European Union beyond Brexit.

The EU officials were not interested to discuss a report in the Financial Times about a possible offer of  20 billion euros to cover a post-Brexit transition period. Obviously it is a split of what the EU dreams to receive in a so-called ‘allowance.’ Although no amount was articulated officially by the chief negotiator Michel Barnier, a figure of 100 bln has been circulating in Brussels corridors of power for some time, later reduced to 65 bln euro.

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