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Russians considering US diplomats expulsions

Russian Foreign Ministry suggested that too many American spies operated in Moscow under diplomatic cover and clearly articulated a possible, although not imminent expulsion of some of them to retaliate against the Obama administration ejection of 35 Russian diplomats last year.

The warning , delivered in staccato by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (pictured) ‘  reflects rising tensions between Kremlin and the Trump administration’s unwilling to hand back two Russian diplomatic compounds which were seized simultaneously with the expulsions.

Barack Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 diplomats for alleged spying activities in December 2016, along with the seizure of the two diplomatic compounds, causing criticism on breaking Vienna conventions, according to Russian Ambassador to US Sergey Kislyak.

President Vladimir Putin decided not to retaliate immediately, saying he prefers to look forward working with the new US administration.

Zakharova also expressed discontent with the U.S. officials declining to issue visas to Russian diplomats to allow Moscow to replace the expelled employees and get its embassy back up to full strength.

Trump administration finds itself in increasingly difficult situation vis-à-vis Kremlin, from one hand  attempting to fulfill the election promises of the Republicans creating alliance against terrorism, from the other facing the need to deter the ongoing assault of the Democrats unwilling to accept the failure in presidential elections. The highly politicised campaign claiming Russian interference in the US elections via internet has removed the responsibility for the failure from the Democrats, attributing it to foreign ‘evil’ forces.

Mogherini in US: 'mission impossible'

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini at the State Department in Washington

Anna van Densky, OPINION

Difficult to imagine less suitable personality to represent nowadays the EU diplomacy in the US, than an ardent promoter of political Islam in Europe, an Italian Socialist – Federica Mogherini, with both Socialism and Islam living winter in the EU.

However the gravity of the situation is beyond personal views and Mogherini’s political convictions: the whole disposition of the foreign policy in the EU makes her visit pretty useless a priori  as a result of an exaggerated loyalty to President Obama, and the US Democrats, the EU has mixed into the US presidential campaign supporting #Hillary, and undermining #Trump, demonstrating an astonishing myopia of the EU diplomacy, unable to anticipate the responsibly to work with any elected by Americans president.
Alas, after the US presidential elections, the EU diplomacy appeared not only to be myopic, but having as much flexibility as a gout patient, struck by multiple arthritis poor losers the EU protagonists continued opposition against President Trump, some as a policy, the others as a credo.
The leader of the European Parliament’s Socialists and Democrats, Gianni Pittella spit oil on fire accusing President Trump of manipulating the UK as a ‘Trojan horse’ to destroy the EU from within. The UK closeness with the US new President is ‘endangering worldwide democracy’,  he assumed, in an interview to anti-Trump TV news channel.
The EU Socialists were not in solitude to continuing the self-imposed ‘holy war’ against the US new administration – the appointed in an obscure procedure Pope Curia fume style, the president of the European Council Donald Trump threw his glove, publishing an open letter, naming President Trump among ‘threats’ to the EU unity. Although odd for a conservative liberal, the personal views of Tusk were also circulated in the world media, downgrading already hostile mood of the ‘Trump-era’ EU-US relations.
The head of the European Commission,  Jean-Claude Juncker did not stay aside, adding his share to ‘anti-Trump’ rhetoric, blaming him ‘populism’, and similarities with European raising nationals, very much appreciated by latest, already seeing inspiration in Trump’s anti-terroristic legislation.
So far the only head of the EU institutions, who showed a diplomatic attitude to the EU-US relations was the new Chair of the European Parliament, a compatriot of Mogherini – Antonio Tajani from the centre-right, although his moderate attitude can be explained by his rise after the US elections. Tajani restrained from confrontational remarks, explaining that in his position he will express the views of the EP as a collective body, but not of his own. A reasonable approach, but not a panacea, as there hardly any ‘collective’ views in the EU in foreign policy.
Within a growing schism among member states on all the major issues: Russia, Syria, Libya, Iran, Palestine – there is no one single big dossier evoking genuine unanimity.
Mogherini ‘sympathy’ visit to Tillerson, with no results and no perspectives, no common grounds and no common interests, reveals the naked truth of the profound crisis of the EU, reflected in the illusionary errands of its top diplomat. However one conclusion of this visit is definite: in gambling with the US elections, the EU lost it political capital, and Brussels, as de facto capital of the EU lost, as consequence,  its significance as the world’s diplomacy stage.


Trump to control US-Mexico border


Today President Trump is expected to sign an executive order to start a construction of a wall between the USA and Mexico as part of realisation of his campaign programme.

Apparently Ms. Clinton voted for the ‘barrier’ as a Senator, convinced the project is necessary.


Ms Clinton voted for the fencing while a senator from New York together with the other 25 Democratic politicians. The bill named the Secure Fence Act of 2006  authorized about 700 miles of barriers to be installed along the country’s southern border, fortified by  the other security measures, including CCTV cameras. The bill was one of the attempts to curtail the illegal immigration and trafficking, and to prepare a broader immigration reform.

The bill passed the Senate 80-19 and was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

At present 702 miles of fencing separates the United States from Mexico, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. However 36 miles are double-layered.

Photo: illustration