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60 years of the Treaties of Rome

25 March 1957: Signing of the Treaty of Rome from left to right: Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs; Jean-Charles Snoy et d'Oppuers, Head of the Belgian delegation at the Intergovernmental Conference; Christian Pineau, French Minister for Foreign Affairs; Maurice Faure, French Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; Konrad Adenauer, German Federal Chancellor; Walter Hallstein, Secretary of State at the German Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Antonio Segni, Italian Prime Minister; Gaetano Martino, Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs; Joseph Bech, President of the Government of Luxembourg and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Wine Growing; Joseph Luns, Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs; Johannes Linthorst Homan, head of the Dutch delegation at the Intergovernmental Conference

EU heads of state or government will meet in Rome, Italy, on 25 March, for the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties. This will be an occasion to reflect on the state of the European Union and the future of the integration process. The leaders are expected to adopt a declaration setting out a joint vision for the years to come.

“This will be an opportunity to celebrate our history together and take stock of sixty years of integration. It is no secret that the historical moment we are facing requires deeper and more solid reflection on the challenges for the Union in the short and medium term.” – President Donald Tusk, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in the invitation letter to the EU heads of state or government

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