House of European History inauguration

An excellent modern museum opens its doors in the Leoplod parc at heart of the European headquarters. The House of European History is commissioned by the European Parliament in an interactive format, engaging citizens in an active construction of their future through reflecting on the past of the European nations. Located in the historic Eastman Building, exhibiting in all 24 official European Union languages, the House offeres free entrance for schools, families and groups, and all interested in European past and present.


The press conference of an incumbent president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and the initiator of the project, former president Hans-Gert  Poettering at press-conference, presenting the project.


The exhibition is equipped with the IT technologies, making the visit especially fascinating for young generation of Europeans, and tourists, who can enjoy the discovery of the European history through modern communications.


The exhibition represents a mixture of artifacts and object, creating unique installations, placing the narrative of European history into a palpable format – informative, but the same time nostalgic, emotional, and inspirational.


From artistic point of view the project is definitely a success, being eloquent without falling into pathos, enriching without being overwhelming, graphic without being distanted.IMG_0636[1]

Each floor is an epoch, times reflected upon with humour or with profound sadness.


The installations compose a unique  blend regarding  historic events through prism of communications of particular period: from Napoleonic wars prints to first colour TV sets.



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