NATO Chiefs of Defence to discuss counterterrorism

The Military Committee, NATO’s highest Military Authority, will meet in Chiefs of Defence (CHODs) Session on 17 May 2017, at the NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium.  General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the Military Committee, will preside over the meeting. The Chiefs of Defence will discuss the challenging security environment on NATO’s Southern Flank and the Alliance’s contribution to countering (or fighting) terrorism. The CHODs with their Resolute Support counterparts will review the way forward for the RESOLUTE SUPPORT Mission in Afghanistan for 2018 and beyond. The Allied Chiefs of Defence will exchange views on Projecting Stability Initiative activities and the Alliance’s Deterrence and Defence posture in conjunction with taking into account Russia’s ongoing activities in the near abroad. Finally, the day’s meeting will conclude with an update on the NATO Command Structure Functional Assessment and a discussion on the efficient and effective use of existing capabilities and resources.

The first session of the day will include a situational awareness briefing on the Middle East and North Africa region and pave the way for further discussions on Projecting Stability Initiatives, countering/fighting terrorism and the ongoing NATO Training and Capacity Building in Iraq.

In RESOLUTE SUPPORT Format, the Chiefs of Defence will receive political and military situation briefs from the NATO Senior Civilian Representative Ambassador Zimmermann and Commander of RESOLUTE SUPPORT, General Nicholson, respectively and provide further recommendations for 2018 and beyond.

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