France elects National Assembly

Turnout could touch record lows in the second round of the legislative elections in France in a sign of voter fatigue after seven months of campaigning and voting, but also of disillusionment and dismay with traditional political parties, marginalised within months of Emmanuel Macron’s ascendance to presidency.

The start-up En Marche! LREM is barely more than a year old and as many as three-quarters of lawmakers are likely to be political novices, something which will change the face of parliament at the expense of the conservative and socialist parties which have ruled France for decades. However many voters express doubts in a possibility of a sweeping change, believing Macron will continue the policies of President Hollande who invited him as a minister. The massive abstention are also one of the forecasts for the second round of #legislatives2017.

One of the challenges for Macron as he sets out to overhaul labor rules, cut tens of thousands of public sector jobs and invest billions of public cash in areas including job training and renewable energy, will be to keep such a diverse and politically raw group of lawmakers united behind him.

Key rivals say they expect the broad and diverse movement En Marche!  to win a majority of seats and have been urging voters to make the margin as small as possible, to avoid risks to sideline the democratic debate.


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