Europarl: Green Certificate under fire

Strasbourg 24.11.2021 The Green Certificate continues to cause vivid polemics among the Members of the European Parliament. Next to the mainstream support of the measure, considered to be beneficial to the public heath, there is also a growing concern about the methods of implementation, imposing vaccination on the EU citizens, contrary to the fundamental values and core principles of the European Union.

“The protection of the fundamental freedoms and rights of every person is the foundation of the European project and the reason for the EU’s existence. The founding fathers of this European project envisioned a Europe where the governments and bureaucrats would work for the people, not against them, not to control them, as happened in the Soviet Union” said MEP Cristian Terhes (ECR, RO) at the press-conference during Strasbourg European Parliament plenary session.

Terhes also criticised the leadership of president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen underlining that the European Union has been transitioning “from a democracy to a tyranny”, and the Green Certificate is an evidence to this process.

From a Union in which decisions are taken as openly as possible and as closely as possible to the citizens, as the EU treaty says, the EU becoming less transparent, with important decisions being taken behind closed doors or far away from the people, he lamented. The obscure contracts signed between EU and the pharma companies, providing vaccines, are eloquent evidence of this dangerous process of transition, MEP warned.
The Romanian MEP called the Commission to publish all the contracts signed between the European Union and these pharma companies so the EU citizens, as well as us MEPs, would know exactly what they had concealed.

The Lithuanian MEP Stasys JAKELIŪNAS (Greens/EFA) has cast doubt on the pandemic statistics, referring to the death toll as the only reliable method to define the actual state of public health. He has underlined that there is no pandemic at the moment, because there is no excessive mortality in the EU countries. Referring to his professional experience he has called for transparency in issues of public health, pointing out he importance of trust in public institutions, being at service of the citizens. Reminiscent of his Soviet background, he raised his concerns about the surveillance system, contrary to the EU values enshrined in the Treaty.

MEP Ivan Vilibor SINČIĆ (Non-attached, Croatia) along with colleges expressed the growing concern about legitimacy of the Green Certificate undermining individual rights of the citizens, and illustrated his point of view with the global trends,touching third countries as India, where the homeless have to get vaccination to get access to free food. MEP lamented the fear campaign in Croatia, and has underlined the legitimate right of the citizens to refuse the participation in the experiment. Concluding the situation SINČIĆ has underling the necessity to address public fears to use the Digital Certificate for the surveillance, deriving form the healthcare project.

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