China: Hu Jintao public expulsion

Brussels 22.10.2022 Chinese former party leader Hu Jintao has been led out of the closing ceremony of the Communist Party Congress.

The frail-looking 79-year-old was sitting beside incumbent President Xi Jinping when he was approached and led away by officials. No explanation to public was given so far.

Concluding the week-long congress, the CPP is expected to confirm Xi Jinping, 69, for a historic third term.

The event, held in Beijing every five years, cemented his position as China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong.

Hu Jintao, who held the presidency between 2003 and 2013, was on stage when two officials approached him. He said something to Xi Jinping, who nodded back.

Then the former leader Hu was escorted out of the Great Hall of the People. The Commentators suggested this is the beginning of the Communist purge, persecuting all members, who opposed the historic President Xi third term.

Earlier on Saturday, October 22, a new Central Committee (205) senior party officials was elected. Delegates endorsed amendments to the party’s constitution in agreement with Chairman Xi’s ideas as guiding principles for China’s future.

Chairman Xi his opening speech at the Congress last Sunday, he hailed the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong as a move from “chaos to governance”. He also reaffirmed China’s right to use force to seize the self-ruled island of Taiwan.

Xi Jinping currently assembles the positions of General secretary of the Communist Party, President and Commander of the armed forces, plus he is also referred to as Paramount or Supreme leader.

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