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Selfie hazard: two dead in Spain

Two young men died in a selfie accident after falling 12 meters from the seaside promenade in Orihuela, in Alicante province. The accident took place around 7:30pm on July 3.

The Britons of 21 and 22 years old were strolling along the promenade overlooking Punta Prima beach with a third friend, who is 20, when they decided to take a selfie. Two of them lost their balance and have fallen down on the rocks below, according to the Spanish Civil Guard.

One of the friends died instantly. The other passed away on July 4 in Alicante General Hospital after being admitted in critical condition. The surviving the accident man, who did not fall, but was witness to his friends death, was treated for anxiety.

The victims fell over the railing from the promenade and landed on top of a lifesaver’s station. Local authorities underlined that the railing and promenade are in “perfect condition,” and said that the Civil Guard is investigating the incident, which appears to have been caused by imprudence.

A 2018 study of news reports showed that between October 2011 to November 2017, there were 259 selfie deaths in 137 incidents reported globally, with the highest occurrences in India followed by Russia, United States, and Pakistan (Himalaya mountains).




Europol: 170 kg cocaine in Antwerp


Police in Alicante (UDYCO) is conducting an investigation on a criminal group involved in cocaine trafficking from South America to Europe. In the framework of this investigation, Spanish authorities obtained intelligence suggesting the arrival of a cocaine container shipment to Antwerp. This information was facilitated to the Belgian authorities through Europol facilitating the exchange of information between both countries.

Europol supported this investigation by facilitating exchange of operational information between the LEAs of both countries and cross checking intelligence submitted by the Spanish authorities against Europol databases. Focal Point Cola is Europol’s team of specialists and analysts dedicated to tackling cocaine trafficking. Since 2001, FP Cola has been combating the activities of suspected criminal organisations and networks involved in producing, processing and trafficking cocaine, as well as pre-cursor chemicals and cutting agents.

On 24 January 2017, the Belgian Customs seized 170 kilos of cocaine inside a container coming from the port of Callao (Peru) and destined to the port of Antwerp (Belgium). A total of 150 cocaine bricks were hidden in rucksacks inside a container transporting frozen vegetables as a legal load.