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May ready for generous Brexit 'allowance' in exchange for trade deal

Arriving to Brussels Eastern Partnership Summit (#EaPSummit) the UK Prime minister Theresa May made her point offering to supply with extra money to meet the EU’s €60bn ‘divorce bill’ expectations only if the EU27 can guarantee the flexibility and broadening the talks on trade and the terms adjustment during a transition period.

The Prime minister, speaking as she arrived at an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, will meet the president of the European council, Donald Tusk, at the end of the EaP meeting of the heads of states and governments.

“These negotiations are continuing but what I am clear about is that we must step forward together. This is for both the UK and the European Union to move on to the next stage.”

Brexit talks in stalemate over 'divorce bill'

British officials arrive to  Brussels in the afternoon for a round of the EU  talks on shaping the post-Brexit relations, which the bloc refuses to regard without an agreement on London’s exit bill and other so-called ‘divorce’ issues, the concept the UK denies, rejecting the idea of ‘family breakup’, aiming to take Prime Minister Theresa May to cleaners with a huge bill of  €100 billion. The amount is crucial to secure all the EU projects until the end of the budget cycle, beyond the UK departure. Apparently,  the EU leadership does not regard an alternative to ‘divorce bill’ to fill the gap in the EU27 pocket after Brittons stop the membership fee payment.

A third round of Brexit talks takes place more than a year after the referendum on the membership in the European Union, delivering an unprecedented blow to the European integration, when the UK votes decided to leave.

Chief Brexit negotiators, the EU’s Michel Barnier and Britain’s David Davis, will meet at 1500 GMT ahead of the talks on technical level on expatriate rights, divorce bill and “other separation issues” to continue the following days.