Trump-Putin to meet in Reykjavík?

Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev

DEPECHE: Until present the nearest chance for US and Russia Presidents to meet would be July G20 Summit in Germany. However, according to spokesperson Dmitry Peskov nobody is interested to wait for so long, and assistants are working on a proposal of a meeting place and time for Presidents before the date, reported Russian press.

During this meeting the heads of states would continue to discuss the issues they have touched during their first telephone conversation, which lasted about one hour.

Three proposals for hosting the high-profile meeting were declared via mass media: Slovenia, the motherland of the First Lady Melania Trump, Finland and Reykjavík, the latter has the record of historic encounters offering a stage to an event that ended the Cold War in 1986. Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev marked a breakthrough – Gorbachev agreed that human rights issues were a legitimate topic of discussion, something no previous Soviet leader had accepted.  A proposal to eliminate all new strategic missiles grew into a discussion for the first time in history it became a the real possibility of reduction of nuclear weapons arsenal.

The symbolism of Reykjavík  may attract Trump and Putin to launch talks on nuclear arsenal reduction.




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