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Pompeo vows “strongest” sanctions against Iran

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the intention to impose the “strongest sanctions in history” against Iran if the country’s leadership did not change the course of its foreign and domestic policy.


Following the United States abandoning an international nuclear deal with Iran, Pompeo directed to hardline approach towards the Islamic Republic that included working closely with the Pentagon and regional allies to contain Iran.

Zuckerberg answers to MEPs questions

Mark Zuckerberg will come to the European Parliament on the 22 of May to answer MEPs questions, however the will be a meeting behind closed doors with the Conference of presidents – the leaders of the EP political groups. President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani added that he will inform media about the results of the meeting, however at present there is no indication if Mr.Zuckerberg joins the president to exchange with Brussels press corps.

Amended 21/05/2018: President Tajani announced the meeting would be web streamed on May 22, 18:15-19:30 from European Parliament Brussels:

EU committed to Iranian nuclear deal

“I just met with the Foreign Ministers of France (Jean-Yves Le Drian), Germany (Heiko Maas), the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson) and of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Mohammad Javad Zarif) this afternoon and this evening, in two separate meetings, to discuss our common lines and the work ahead of us, following the announcement made by the United States of its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran nuclear deal” – the EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini said.

“We recalled our commitment to the continued, full and effective implementation of the Iran nuclear deal that was unanimously endorsed by the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, as a key element of the global nuclear non-proliferation architecture and a significant diplomatic achievement.”

“We, together, regretted the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal and we recognised that the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions and the normalisation of trade and economic relations with Iran constitute essential parts of the agreement.”

“We stressed the commitment we all share to ensure that this will continue to be delivered and we agreed to this end to deepen our dialogue at all levels.”

Israel celebrates US Embassy inauguration in Jerusalem

In afternoon the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel opened in an official ceremony with many guests of honor.

Israel is a sovereign nation, with the right like every other sovereign nation, to determine its own capital. Yet for many years, we failed to acknowledge the obvious. The plain reality that Israel’s capital is Jerusalem” – said President Donald Trump in his video address.

The Ambassador David M. Friedman credited President Donald Trump for having the courage to open an embassy in Israel’s capital. “Today’s historic event is attributed to the vision, the courage, and the moral clarity of one person to whom we owe an enormous and eternal debt of gratitude, President Donald J. Trump.”

On this exact day 70 years ago, at almost this exact time, David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence. Just 11 minutes later, President Harry Truman caused the United States to be the first nation to recognize the reborn State of Israel. He later regretted that he waited so long,Ambassador David M. Friedman said in his inauguration speech.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, along with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, led the US delegation with the message from President Trump that the United States will continue to support the peace process in every way it can, but also that the President is determined to deliver upon his promises. President Trump ensured that he remained committed to “facilitating a lasting peace agreement,” and that he was “extending a hand of friendship to Israel, the Palestinians and to all of their neighbors.”

While presidents before him have backed down from their pledge to move the American Embassy once they were in office, this president delivered. Because when President Trump makes a promise, he keeps it,” Kushner said.

The truth and peace are interconnected” Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his welcoming speech. “A peace that is built on lies, will crash on the rocks of Middle Eastern realities. You can only build peace on truth. And the truth is that Jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of the Jewish people, the capital of the Jewish state” – he added.

The Palestinians responded to the opening of Embassy with an outbreak of violence.



Kadyrov blamed French society for Paris attacker radicalisation

The leader of Republic of Chechnya (Russian Federation), Ramzan Kadyrov puts the blame for radicalisation of Paris terrorist  Khamzat Azimov (1997-2018) on French society.

I think it necessary to say that the entire responsibility for Khamzat Azimov stepping on a path to crime rests with the French authorities. Chechnya is only is birth place but he grew up in French society, where his personality,  his views and principles, were formed,Kadyrov wrote on his Telegram channel.

However Kadyrov acknowledged that the terrorist had Russian  citizenship in the past, formally receiving passport according to existing procedures at the age of 14, “but his passport became invalid as he skipped issuance of a new one at an age of 20,” he explained, adding that latest reports gave him grounds to think that Azimov had had contacts with French law enforcement and special services, and they were well aware of his radical views.

Kadyrov also extended his condolences to the family of a slain man, stabbed to death by Azimov in a lively touristic area next to Paris Opéra Garnier. The killing was qualified as a “terrorist act” by French authorities.

Khamzat Azimov came to France as an asylum-seeker from Chechnya  with his parents in early 2010, and lived in Nice and Strasbourg, he was naturalised the same year at age of 13, and later received a scholarship in Strasbourg University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Azimov came to police radar on 2016, and was monitored by special services as S-listed after his attempts to go to the Middle East to join Islamic State.

Daesh related news source #Amaq has posted an online video depicting Khamzat Azimov masked, giving an oath to  #IS commander Baghdadi in a move to proof he was their soldier (mujaheddin) and his act was premeditated.





Trump to step out from #JCPOA nuclear deal

President Donald Trump is planning to return to regime of sanctions on Iran and add new ones, the New York Times newspaper reported citing unnamed sources. Trump is expected to announce his decision on the deal on Tuesday, May 8.

Trump explained to French President Emmanuel Macron his intention to pull out from the deal during a telephone conversation between the two leaders.

A source who was informed about the conversation told the newspaper that Trump plans to reinstate all sanctions the United States had dropped as part of the 2015 nuclear deal. New economic sanctions will also be imposed, according to the source.

The information was leaked to the newspaper two hours before the expected Trump’s announcement.

Panmunjeom: “peace is possible”

“Today’s meeting of President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un and the Panmunjeom Declaration that they have signed show that the way to peace is possible, against all the odds. It shows that dialogue and diplomacy are our strongest tools to create peaceful solutions to the most difficult problems, and that they can benefit the region and the whole world.” – says text of the statement of EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini.

“The European Union is ready to answer the call of the two leaders for the international community to lend its full support to the denuclearisation of the Peninsula. Full denuclearisation, as committed to by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), must include its nuclear and missile programmes and be complete, verifiable and irreversible.”

“We now look forward to the planned summit meeting between the President of the United States and the leader of the DPRK and further positive outcomes that may stem from it. The European Union, today as always, stands on the side of peace, on the side of de-nuclearisation, and for a prosperous future for all Koreans.”


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