Mogherini promisses better life to Serbians in EU


“I believe I have an important message to bring to the Serbian people and to the region in these difficult times. As you said, Aleksandar (Vučić), we are living in times of uncertainty and potential tensions that could destabilise the region, beyond the region, and put at risk the achievements that we managed to build also thanks to hard work, but also common work we have on some important issues both internally in Serbia, in the region and more globally,” – said EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini while visiting Serbia ahead of the EU Foreign ministers Council (6 March).

“…We recognise that Serbia has chosen the European Union integration path consistently. We believe and we see that this goes beyond some of the party lines and that this is exactly in the interest of the Serbian people for the same numbers you mentioned on our economic ties, but also what concerns our common work to improve the judiciary, the rule of law, the media system in the country, an environment that can attract investments, but also that can guarantee a better life, not only a better future but also a better present, for all Serbs”. (Photo: Mogherini in Serbian Parliament)

Mogherini did not receive a warm welcome in the Serbian Parliament, where she was confronted with opposition to the project of Serbia joining the EU.

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