EU27 ‘Multi-speed’

On Monday, 6.03.2017, the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Spain met at the palace of Versailles, in outskirts of Paris,  to prepare for a March 25 EU summit in Rome devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which laid the foundation of the European project.

The leaders of the euro zone’s four biggest economies have opted for a ‘multi-speed’ Europe while engineering the future of the EU27 after Brexit.

EU chief executive, the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, lately presented five options plan, called White Paper, to shape the future of the bloc in turmoil after the UK referendum. The new concept of the EU27 will be discussed at the Rome summit. However the sympathetic approach to some groups of states eager to integrate swiftly have already received the EU leadership blessing.

For obvious reasons there will be no celebrations in Rome, as the EU project goes through a low tight period struggling with the problems in euro zone, and with the migration crisis, unable to cope with huge flows of strangers entering Europe illegally crossing Mediterranean sea.

The major EU economies the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy will go though elections this year with high chances of the Eurosceptic parties to strengthen their positions.

French President Francois Hollande called for unity among the remaining 27 EU members but said this did not mean uniformity, calling for new forms of co-operation to allow some EU countries to move faster in areas such as defense,  economic and monetary union or tax harmonization.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said the EU risked to face problems unless it allowed members to participate at varying levels of intensity.

“We need to have the courage for some countries to go ahead if not everyone wants to participate. A Europe of different speeds is necessary, otherwise we will probably get stuck,” Merkel said. “If Europe gets stuck and doesn’t develop further, then this work of peace may run into danger faster than one might think.”


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