Kaczynski answer to Tusk reappointment

Poland’s ruling party leader, and one of the most  influential EU politicians, Jaroslaw Kaczynski said, any talk of Poland wanting to leave the EU was “nonsense”, but he regretted the decision of the EU Council to appoint his compatiot Donald Tusk without approval of his coutnry.

The decision by European Union leaders to reappoint Donald Tusk to chair their summits shows the bloc is dominated by Germany, said Jaroslaw Kaczynski said, commenting the decision.

Warsaw’s conservative government strongly opposed the reappointment of Tusk, a former Prime Minister who is closely tied with the centrist opposition in Poland.

Kaczynski also said EU leaders had broken rules on how top officials are chosen in the bloc when tapping Tusk for his second, 30-month term as President of the EU Council.

“The rule that high-ranking officials should have the backing of their country was broken,” he said reporters.
Commenting on Tusk’s reappointment the leader of European Parliament liberals (ALDE) Guy Verhofstadt  called it the “victory over petty national interest.”


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