Tusk: will EU humiliate Poland?


Brussels. Talking to the EU journalists ahead of the Summit in Brussels,  Prime Minister Beata Szydlo made clear that any pressure on Poland, even if in minority opposing over Donald Tusk second mandate as the president of the European Council , is unacceptable. Anyway it does not comply with the tradition of taking decisions in consensus, while respecting minority is one of the fundamental European values.

The argument over the candidacy of Donald Tusk for the second mandate imprints the Summit as real suspense, everything it should not be in view of the 60 anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, presumably organised to demonstrate to the rest of the world the unity of EU27, without the UK. However, instead of unity the EU opts for pressures and collisions, creating further cracks in the already shaken by Brexit project.

The position of the majority of states is similar to expressed by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban (pictured), who said ahead of the Summit: “We are not discussing personality of Donald Tusk, but supporting the European People’s party candidate.”

Clearly, Poland finds itself in isolation, and can be overruled overwhelmingly, however the deepening of the conflict between EU26 versus Poland will cause a long-term turbulence. So far Polish have been loyal to the EU project, it is up Brussels to demonstrate if Polish loyalty is precious in times of calamity, when Brittons are preparing to start the procedure of triggering Article 50. The question is if Donald Tusk second mandate is worth of humiliating the government of one of the biggest and at most loyal to EU member state?  (Continuation follows).

Anna van Densky, from the Justus Lips building


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