Gen.Al Manfour denied contracts with Russia

The commander of the operational headquarters of the Libyan Air Force and the Benin airbase, Brigadier-General Mohammed Al Manfour, denied the Libyan authorities concluding contracts with private military companies from Russia.

“Any agreements or meetings with the Russian side are official and pass through the government of the Russian Federation and the command of the Libyan army,” al-Manfur said to RIA Novosti agency, commenting on relevant information from Reuters.

Marshal Khalifa Haftar (pictured), commander of the Libyan army, visited Moscow on the official invitation of the Russian authorities. The military commander added that any contacts in the future also can not go beyond the official ones. “How can I negotiate with a private company and why?” – said al-Manfur. (Gen.Haftar visiting Russian war ship ‘Admiral Kuznetzov’ below).
Reuters, referring to the head of the Russian private military company “RSB-Group” Oleg Krynitsin reported that several dozen employees of this company conducted an operation in Libya and left the country after its completion in February. As the agency specified, their task was to carry on demining  at an industrial facility in Benghazi. At the same time, the customer and the specific object, on which his employees acted, were not named.

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