Poland refuses concept of multispeed EU


Today Poland promised to launch ‘hard talks’ at the European Union’s anniversary at Rome informal summit end of this week.  Jaroslaw Kaczynski,  Polish political heavy-weight, said  that Warsaw will not bow to any form of a multi-speed Europe.

The March 25 EU summit marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which paved the way for European integration, is supposed to issue a joint declaration of the EU27, without the UK, proposing a new concept of common future.

The debate on mulit-speed Europe is not new, but this time it looks it will become a reality, with more euro zone leaders considering the positive effects of this approach, allowing those who are eager to move faster,  without the whole bloc following suit.

EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker, who presented options for reforming the bloc to be discussed at the Rome summit, also has spoken positively of some states pushing ahead more quickly with integration.

“We cannot accept any announcements of a two-speed Europe,” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the governing eurosceptic Law and Justice Party (PiS), told the weekly wSieci.

“This would mean either pushing us out of the European Union or downgrading us to an inferior category of members,” he said. “We must oppose that with all firmness.”

Poland was the sole opponent to the reappointment on March 9 of Donald Tusk, Kaczynski’s political nemesis, as the European Council chairman.

A new poll by the IBRiS pollster for the Rzeczpospolita daily showed that support for PiS was down 5 percentage points after Warsaw’s fight over Tusk, while the main opposition party that once had Tusk as its chief gained 10 points.

Kaczynski did not reveal any strategy or concrete steps Poland will present at the Rome summit, saying only: “We will fight for Polish interests with full determination.”



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