Australia for value-based concept of citizenship

In Australia  Turnbull government is tightening the requirements for the citizenship, with applicants to face a stand-alone English test and be asked to commit to embracing ‘Australian values’.

Under the overhaul, would-be citizens will need to have been a permanent resident of Australia for four years, rather than 12 months.

Prospective citizens will also be required to have increased proficiency with the English language – a requirement Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said is “the single best thing any person coming to this country can do”.

“The headline points are these… They’ve lived here for four years as permanent residents, they speak English, share our values and are integrated… This will be good for the applicants, and good for the nation,” Mr Turnbull said today.

“What we’re doing is strengthening our multicultural society and strengthening our commitment to Australian values.”

The prime minister and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton emphasised the focus on the nation’s values as a prime indicator of whether citizenship would be granted.

The current multiple-choice test will possibly include questions about the applicant’s attitudes to female genital mutilation and spousal abuse.


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