South Africa migrant crisis unsolved

South Africa, an attractive destination for migrants from across Africa, is attempting to adapt its immigration policy introducing a range of changes  to strike a balance between being welcoming and keeping the nation safe.

Among the policy changes being considered: the creation of processing centers for asylum-seekers along South Africa’s border; the terminate the system of an automatic path from long-term residency to citizenship; the introduction of a points-based system intended to attract skilled immigrant-workers, and stronger penalties for breaking the immigration rules.



The proposed changes come amid tensions over xenophobic attacks on African immigrants, with the view that it is neither desirable nor possible to stop international migration, however it should be regulated.

The work on migration laws became a permanent issue as it has been some years ago that the policy of open doors had been changed to a more regulated approach, including the modification of legal terminology, applied to the newcomers. The practice of accepting the applications for residency on South Africa soil was replaced by the request to submit the applications at embassies and consulates. The overstay on visa could lead to a status of an ‘undesirable’ person for up to five years. So far South Africa did not deport illegals,  becoming a prey of corrupt civil servants.

However  these rules introduced in 2014 appeared to be insufficient, and the lawmakers have to reflect upon a news set of rules to address the ongoing migration crisis, the previous set of rules was not able to resolve.


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