Michel talks to Trump without taboo

Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel (Reformist Movement party) has had talks with the US President Donald Trump for over an hour in Brussels Royal palace. Afterwards, the Prime Minister refered to a “warm encounter”, without taboos . “We did not speak a diplomatic language,” said the Prime Minister.
Michel Trump
Michel emphasized in the conversation, inter alia, the importance that Belgium attached to NATO. “We made it clear that the NATO is not an outdated organization,” Michel said, referring to statements made by Trump during the election campaign. (Belgium hosts headquarters of the Alliance since the organisation moved out from headquarters in France in Versailles and Fontainebleau on 1 April 1967). Migrant crisis, relations with Russia, and counterterrorism were the major international issues discussed.
Although not the biggest of Kingdoms, Belgium is a big investor in the US economy: it is on the 13th place, ahead of China, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile Belgium is also a big importer of the US goods: the fourth in Europe, and 10th in the world. One more significant issue was discussed: a mutual employment.

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