Riga’s Mayor Ushakov renews his mandate

The combined list, headed by the current mayor of Riga, Nil Ushakov, has retained the majority in Latvia’s capital – Riga, although they lost seven seats in Saturday, 3.06.2017, elections, TASS agency reports referring to the CEC. The local government elections were watched closely by Russian community in Latvia, where around 200 000 persons  haven’t been granted citizenship since times of the collapse of the USSR. Although they are were not allowed to participate in voting they celebrated the result, with the renewed mandate to Russian-speaking Latvian Nil Ushakov.

On Sunday, the CEC summarized the results from all 158 polling stations in Riga. The Coalition of Parties “Consent / Honor to serve Riga” won 50.85% of the vote and will receive 32 mandates in the new Duma. In the previous municipal elections, according to the results of which only three parties passed to Duma, Ushakov’s list gained more than 58% and got 39 seats.

In the current Duma will be represented by five parties. In addition to supporters of the mayor, there are candidates of the Latvian Association of Regions (LOR) and the party “For the Development of Latvia”, which received 13.66% of the vote, the New Conservative Party (NCP) – 13.41% of the vote, the National Union “All for Latvia” – “Homeland” And Freedom “(TL-TB / DNNL) – 9.24% and” Unity “- 6.26%. The ENT and the NCP receive nine mandates, “All for Latvia” – six, and “Unity” – four.

On Saturday, 3.06.2017, municipal elections took place in Latvia, nine parties took part in contest for chairing Riga. A total of 1.444 million citizens were registered in the electoral lists. At the same time, as TASS recalls, hundreds of thousands of Latvian “non-citizens”, mainly Russian-speaking residents of the country, are still deprived of the right to vote.

Russian mass media celebrates the victory of the Russian-speaking Mayor.


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