EU27 hopes UK cancells Brexit last minute

Days before the start of Brexit negotiations the President of France Emmanuel Macron expressed hope the UK will reconsider its decision to leave the block.

In the gardens of the Élysée Palace in Paris in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May, Macron made it clear that he respected the sovereign decision of the British people. but he added: “Until negotiations come to an end there is always a chance to reopen the door.”

The suggestion was echoed by the European Parliament negotiator for Brexit, leader of the Liberals (ALDE) Guy Verhofstadt, who said that if UK changes its mind it will find an open door.

At the moment the UK continues to supply the EU budget, transferring  £35 million a day, being the second net contributor to the blocks purse. At the moment there is no concept of the financial recovery from the UK ending its  engagment: the strategy of the EU27 is to negotiate the conditions of the departure fixed, before discussing possible common projects in future. The rigid negotiation plan is imposed on the UK in hope to make the UK retreat from the initial idea of the departure, or force to pay an immense ‘divorce allowance’ to help the EU27 to survive until the end of the  seven-year budget term 2014- 2020, when incumbent leaders of the EU will leave their posts and responsibilities.


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