Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

Mr President, my dear Ukrainian friends,

To all of you I want to say congratulations and thank you. Congratulations that despite dramatic circumstances and different obstacles, despite the war in eastern Ukraine, you have managed to achieve the visa-free regime. And thank you for your pro-European determination and for the courage with which you defend your independence.

For every smallest success you have had to pay with your hard work, but unfortunately also with your blood. Nobody has given you anything for free. You deserve everything you have achieved. This is why in Europe so many of us admire and support you, even though I know that it is not always enough. You have a right to expect more and you also have a right to be proud of yourselves.

In the next few weeks we will also finalise our works on the Association Agreement. It will be the next step on the way to a secure and stable state, and to a growing economy. During this process you have shown impressive patience and consistency. I wish you similar patience and consistency in your efforts to protect Ukraine against corruption and malpractice. Congratulations and thank you again.


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