EU27 contest for two agencies to be moved from UK

Brussels. 22.06.2017.  The European leaders are deciding upon he future of EU agencies located in London in the wake of the post Brexit referendum changes.

At a summit in Brussels the EU27 leaders without Theresa May are expected to take the next crucial step in moving two EU agencies out of the British capital.

The EU is claiming the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority, both located in Canary Wharf, find new homes on the continent after Brexit.

The agencies are bringing status, and a flow of visitors, boosting local businesses, arranging hosting of 40 000 scientists, experts and regulators in charge of the supervision of the medicines across the EU.

In Germany, meanwhile, Bonn has entered the context for the European Medicines Agency and Frankfurt for  the European Banking Authority, although Germany is already hosting to the European Central Bank. However Angela Merkel’s chief of staff recently revealed in a tweet that the German government was “fighting for both agencies”.

According to the EU diplomats the infrastructure is crucial to ensure the smooth work of the endeavours. The two agencies employ 1,050 staff and diplomats are insisting  a new location for each of the agencies should not represent a drastic change of environment standards – not an easy task to find a suitable replacement for Canary Wharf  (pictured).


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