EU-Canada Trade coming into force

EU and Canada agree to set a date for the provisional application of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement marks a new chapter in the relationship between the EU and Canada.

It is by opening up to each other, by working closely with those who share the same values that we will shape and harness globalisation.

It is important that our companies and citizens, the real winners with this agreement, start reaping its benefits without further ado.

Both at EU level and in Canada, the necessary steps were taken to ratify the agreement.

Meeting at the G20 in Hamburg, reconfirming our joint commitment to the rules-based international trading system, we agreed to set the date of 21 September 2017 to start the provisional application of the agreement, thus allowing for all the necessary implementing measures to be taken before that date.

The agreement will now be provisionally applied and will enter definitively into force once the Parliaments in all Member States of the EU ratify the text according to their respective domestic constitutional requirements.

Brussels, July 8, 2017

Statement by  Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

and Mr Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

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