Davis appeals to ‘imagination’


On Monday, August 28,  Mr Davis and Mr Barnier will meet for the opening plenary session, formally starting Brexit negotiations.

Officials from the UK and EU will then meet in working groups to discuss the technical detail behind each side’s proposals, before the round is closed by Mr Davis and Mr Barnier on Thursday, September 31.

British negotiators will push for the European Commission to be more flexible in its approach to Brexit discussions this week, says the information released by the UK’s Department for Exiting the European Union, “outlining the UK’s approach” ahead of the Brexit talks the next week.

Talks are likely to be technical in nature, laying the groundwork for more substantive discussions in September, the Department claims.

“Mr Davis will build on work done over the last two weeks to outline the UK’s strategy by calling for ‘imagination’ on both sides to drive talks forward” – the Department continues.

The three position and four future partnership papers published over the last fortnight will serve as the guiding principles for the UK’s approach to negotiations – including providing certainty to businesses and citizens across Europe.

The papers demonstrate the UK’s pragmatic approach to negotiations, and highlight how conversations about our exit and the future deep and special partnership we want with the EU are inextricably linked.

“By setting out the UK’s view on the future partnership — for example by proposing solutions to help ensure there is no return to borders of the past in Northern Ireland, or by demonstrating that close civil judicial cooperation is in the interests of both sides — the papers should help to drive progress on the current topics being discussed” – the Department concludes.

“This round of negotiations will focus on thrashing out the technical detail on important matters related to us leaving the EU, and will act as a stepping stone to more substantial talks in September”- the Department source said.

“The UK has been working diligently to inform the negotiations in the past weeks, and has published papers making clear our position on a wide range of issues from how we protect the safe flow of personal data, to the circumstances around Ireland and Northern Ireland” – the source quoted by the information continued.

“Now, both sides must be flexible and willing to compromise when it comes to solving areas where we disagree” – the source insists. – “As the EU itself has said, the clock is ticking so neither side should drag its feet.”


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