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Eurparl vice-president considers extension of Brexit talks

Vice-president of the European Parliament Fabio Castaldo (Italy, 5SM) reminded that ‘no-dealBrexit will affect the UK more than the EU, although the bloc is preparing itself for this scenario as well.

Castaldo warned that ‘no-deal’ will lead to uncertainty and even “chaos” for trade and political relationship on both sides of the Channel.

I still hope that there will be prolongation of the negotiations, which is foreseen in the Article 50,  and I hope ‘no’ vote in the UK Parliament will not be used by any member-state to punish the UK” – vice-president continued. “In our interest is to find a deal that would fit both the EU and the UK citizens“.

However Castaldo also pointed at a possibility of a “few month prolongation” of negotiations in case of the governmental crisis in the UK,  offering time for a “new” government to approach the issue in a “proper way“.

Gibraltar leaders reaffirm support to UK

Gibraltarthe major focus of Spain  prevented the  European Union on to finalise a draft Article 50 deal on Friday, November 23 to pave the way for endorsement of the document during the UK-EU27 leaders’ summit on Sunday, November 25. The complications over Gibraltar raised a wave of doubts of possibility to sign any withdrawal agreement already shrouded in pessimism.

Although EU diplomats are desperately trying to resolve the problem, continuing to search for rapprochement, the independent experts are increasingly skeptical about capacities of Pedro Sánchez Socialist government to accept a compromise.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has vowed to “veto Brexit” if the terms of the Brexit deal has no amendments depiciting Spanish concerns about negotiations over the future of Gibraltar.

After my conversation with Theresa May, our positions remain far away,” Sánchez communicated in his Twitter microblog. “My government will always defend the interests of Spain. If there are no changes, we will veto Brexit.”

We are an optimistic and a positive community, [but] there is growing concern amongst many in the community as to what positive measures have been secured for Gibraltar as a result of this process for which the Chief Minister and his team are said to have worked day and night on, for the last two years,” said Elliott Phillips, the Leader of the Opposition in Gibraltar.

Earlier the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo supported the UK government Brexit position, although he cricitised the decision to leave the EU as such.“Brexit is a bad thing for the whole of Europe,” Mr Picardo said.

Brexit without an agreement for orderly agreed withdrawal would be even worse for the whole of Europe” Picardo continuded. “And for us, Brexit is as bad an idea today in reality as when it was in theory at the time of the Referendum.”

But so for us, it is always best that we stick with Britain despite Brexit” he concluded.

24/11/2018 AMENDED:

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party pledged to use its 10 votes in parliament to support the cause of Gibraltar if necessary.

The European Union is trying to reach a compromise between Madrid  and London over the future of the British overseas territory to stop Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez from blocking an agreement on Artilce 50, paving the way to orderly withdrawal of Britons.

Gibraltar is British and we will use our voices and our votes in parliament to stand with British Gibraltar,” Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds said, addressing the party’s annual conference in Belfast.

Barnier warns no-deal without Irish border agreement

The European Union will not conclude an Article 50 agreement with the UK or give London a transition period after Brexit without a deal that prevents a “hard” border in Ireland, the bloc’s main negotiator Michel Barnier said.

Addressing the joint news conference with Slovakia’s Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, Michel Barnier said he would seek to agree the whole 100 percent of a accord with London.

“We are still not at the 100 percent,” Barnier said. “What is missing is a solution for the issue of Ireland.

Without an operational backstop there will not be an accord and there will not be a transition period. That is certain.”

The EU was working to improve its offer for the so-called backstop, or an emergency fix to keep the Irish border open regardless of Brexit consequences, but that it must be functional, operational and all-weather, he added.

It cannot have an end-date. It must be applicable unless and until another solution is found,” Barnier said.

Tusk willing to call Brexit Summit

European Council President Donald Tusk announced to the Members of the European Parliament his readiness to call a special summit on Brexit whenever negotiators assess a “decisive progress” had been made towards a deal.



Tusk considers no-deal scenario

European Council President Donald Tusk said that the 27 member-states must be ready for a no-deal Brexit, a scenario he said was “more likely than ever before.”

With less than six months to go before the UK departure, talks stalled at the weekend over establishment of a  border between the British province of Northern Ireland and EU-member Ireland.


May believes Brexit deal is achievable

British Prime Minister Theresa May urged the European Union not to allow a stand-off over the so-called Irish backstop to derail Brexit talks, saying she believed a deal was still achievable in the coming weeks.( Image: illustration.)

Addressing the session of parliament before she leaving for Brussels for the Summit with the EU27 leaders May was upbeat about the chances of a deal, but repeated she would not agree to anything that could split the United Kingdom.


Taoiseach “surprised and disappointed”

The leader of Republic of Ireland is “surprised and disappointed” that the British government was unable to conclude a deal Dublin believed had been agreed on the future of the Northern Ireland border after Brexit, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Monday.

“We had an agreement this morning. We’re disappointed and surprised to hear that agreement cannot be concluded today but we’re happy to give the UK government more time, if it needs it, so we can conclude it in the coming days,” Varadkar told a news briefing in Dublin, commenting of events taking place in Brussels, where Prime minister Theresa May had an exchange of views with the head of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

Varadkar confirmed his position was unequivocal and Dublin would accept changes to the agreed text only if the essence remained.

10 days for breakthrough in Brexit talks

Britain has only 10 days left to deliver on all three areas of its Brexit terms with the EU27 if London is interested to start talks on a transition period after Brexit and a future relationship, the president of EU Council Donald Tusk said.

“We need to see progress from UK within 10 days on all issues, including on Ireland,” Tusk tweeted after a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels on the margins of the Eastern Partnership Summit.

“Sufficient progress in Brexit talks at December council is possible but still a huge challenge,” he said on Twitter page.

Theresa May expressed herself ahead of the Eap Summit in Brussels, confirming her confidence in post-Brexit future of the UK.

4th December Brexit ‘deadline’

During Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, said  that a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May on December 4,  will clarify if sufficient progress has been made on Brexit talks.

“I will meet the British prime minister on 4 December. Then we will see if there has been sufficient progress,” he told reporters in Brussels ahead of an Summit May is attending. Juncker said there had been progress in Brexit talks, however question remains if it is adequate.


EU27 anticipating trade trade talks with UK

At Summit in Brussels the EU leaders have agreed on anticipation for trade negotiations with the UK, however Theresa May admits there is “some way to go” in negotiations.

EU27 consider  that not sufficient progress had been made on other issues to begin formal trade talks at this point in time.

But by starting internal talks, they are paving the way for them to begin, possibly in December.

Prime minister May said she was “ambitious and positive” about the negotiations.

The other 27 EU leaders have gathered in Brussels for a Summit in attempt to save talks from a stalemate, and assess the progress made so far in Brexit negotiations with the UK, which is due to leave the EU in March 2019 after triggering Article 50 earlier this year.

German chancellor Angela Merkel expressed hope to achieve a progress by December, and she does not see reasons to fail in achieving a deal with the UK by the time of their exit of the bloc.

Merkel October S

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