EP supports EU citizens in UK after Brexit

European Parliament demands to end “regrettable” practices discriminating against EU citizens in the workplace and elsewhere, according to a draft resolution agreed on by the leaders of political groups, ahead of next week Strasbourg October first plenary session.

MEPs urged the UK government to grant broad rights to EU citizens and their families in Britain after it exits the EU in 2019.

The European Parliament “expresses concern about regrettable administrative practices against EU citizens living in the United Kingdom”, the draft resolution to be voted next week says.

MEPs admitted there were also cases of British citizens discriminated against in other EU countries.

 The British government said on Sept. 9 that its Equalities Office (GEO) was “aware of, and is looking into, reports of discrimination against non-UK EU nationals seeking employment” in violation of the 2010 Equality Act.

The document is not binding for EU negotiators, but the Europarliament has the right to veto any deal with Britain on its future relations with the EU.

MPs also urged Britain to protect the rights of EU citizens and their children even if they are born there after Brexit.

“Future family members should continue to benefit from right of residence under the same provisions as current family members,” the draft said.

MEPs have opposed Britain’s proposals to create a new category of “settled status” under United Kingdom immigration law for EU citizens.

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