Russia: Bear cub sadistic killing unpunished

WARNING! Disturbing images below.

Russian news site Sakhalin info and social media reported sadistic torture and murder of a bear cub for the sake of his gull by locals in city of Makarovo (Sakhalin). A cub appeared in a residential area in outskirts of the city, when locals prevented him to go back to the forest, quickly deciding to grab a chance to kill a young bear to get his gull for sale (at the black market the price goes from  $10,000  to  $15,000). With active participation of police, eager to get a ‘fair share’, the cub had no chance to survive, becoming an easy prey of Makarovo inhabitants, whose average salary is around $ 400 a month. However it was not just an execution, because beyond the gain, the hunters took pleasure in an abhorrent torture of a cub, entertaining themselves by his agony.

First locals send a pack of dogs to block the frightened screaming young bear to prevent his retreat to the forest, then they rushed to shoot him, and while still alive to cut his balley, and rip off the precious gull, appreciated by witch doctors, and the other charlatans in the Far East. At the moment the video of a sadistic scene is removed from internet to conceal the crime, in which police has enthusiastically participated. Already without a gull, the agonising, convulsive animal with open bally, and falling out intestines, was attached to a vehicle and dragged along the road in a ‘triumph’ procession (photo above in a Tweet).

The sadism towards animals is norm in Russia, and does not surprise anyone. President’s Putin administration has been consistently blocking the laws protecting animals from cruelty, prepared in times of  Boris Yeltsin, who attempted to upgrade Russian legislation to Western standards.

Being a symbol of Russia, in reality bear’s population has at most miserable existence, trapped and killed by hunters and poachers for the sake of their precious gulls or skin. The orphan bear cubs are sold to circuses, zoos, and kept privately in cages as ‘pets’ next to restaurants to entertain visitors, being victims of cruelty, and wide-spread sadism.

(Below a story of a bear living 15 years in a cage near a cafe, next to city of Smolensk)

In 2015 an employer of “Rusalliance” company, a subcontractor of Defence Ministry of Russian Federation,  at island of Wrangel (Chukotka) gave for ‘fun’ explosives to a mother white bear who was tamed by militarymen. With torn apart throat the animal suffered an atrocious agony, filmed by culprits, who were fascinated by the scene of suffering of the majestic Arctic animal.

White bear with cub

In spite of the outrage of animal rights defenders, and multiple petitions to authorities, the murderer was not punished, but offered interviews on central TV channel to deliver his highly doubtful version of events. He got away with the crime by paying a symbolic amount of money in a fine for the sadistic killing of mother bear, and her doomed to death orphan cub. As in this case, traditionally, Russian prosecution is merciful towards the murderers and sadists of animals. According to records, Ivan the Terrible was encouraged to mutilate cats and dogs, and also cheered when throwing them life from the bell-towers by witnessing his killings boyars, who considered it as a sign of a strong character, indispensable for  a ruler.

On contrary to hunters, poachers and sadists, the animal rights defenders are seen as dangerous elements, introducing foreign, Western values to Russian traditional lifestyle. Their appeals for upgrading of Russian legal system to protect animals from human cruelty have been ignored since last millennium.

Sakhalin: a smart bear checks fishermen’s net:


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