Rajoy: Catalan independence is ‘fairy tale’

Spanish prime minister is set to address the National Congress on the Catalonia issue amid high tensions between Madrid and Barcelona and following Carles Puigdemont signature of Declaration of Independence of Catalonia.

Delivering a speech, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that the Catalan authorities lack the legitimacy to propose a unilateral declaration of independence. He added that the promise of independence was a ‘fairy tale’.

“Their motives and their support are not so true: they have the votes and the legitimacy to govern the autonomous community, but not to propose a unilateral independence or to liquidate the Statute of Autonomy,” Rajoy said in a hearing before the Congress of Deputies.

The prime minister also said that the independence of Catalonia is contrary to the rules of international law and added that Spain will breakup only if all its citizens decide so.

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