Orban defines migrants as “Muslim invaders”

The EU leaders will be forced to respect public opposition to mass #migration and concern over terrorism threats in 2018, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after meeting in Bavaria, Germany.

Meeting the Christian Social Union (CSU)’s parliamentary group in Bavaria, the Hungarian leader told reporters that #migration has become a “problem” for democracy in Europe because “leaders in many places are not doing what the people want them to.”

“Europeans have a clear will,” Orbán said during joint press conference. “They don’t want to live under the threat of terrorism, they want security, they want their borders to be protected.”

“I told our Bavarian friends that I believe 2018 will be the year of the restoration of the will of the people in Europe,” he said.

Orban said that he can only speak for the Hungarian people, and they don’t want any migration.  “In my understanding, it’s not possible for the people to have a will on a fundamental issue and for the government not to comply with it.”

He denied that most refugees come to Europe because they are fleeing dangerous conditions at home, but because they want to take advantage of economic opportunities.


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