EU celebrates 70th anniversary of Human Rights

In a year Europe honors the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the EU reaffirms its strong support for the work of the UN human rights system.

“The promotion and protection of human rights is at the heart of multilateralism and a central pillar of the UN system. Peace and security, human rights and development are inseparable and mutually reinforcing. The EU is and will remain a leading player on these three fronts” the text of European External Action Service statement says.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is as valid as it was at the time of its adoption and sadly, we are far from the full respect of these commitments all over the world. Rights and freedoms are still being challenged and the space for civil society is shrinking in many countries throughout the world.”
“In order to show the EU’s support to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to spread its important messages, EU Delegations around the world joined today in a social media campaign to mark its 70th anniversary. The campaign will run for 30 days, underlining every day one of the 30 articles of the Declaration.”

The situation with the Human Rights in the EU if far from being exemplary: the Catalan politicians remain in jail for the fulfillment of their election promises to organise the referendum on independence. The EU prefers to ignore the issue of their imprisonment in a  self-professed strategy of keeping silence:


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