EU prefers to ignore political justice in Spain

A German court in Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein will formally decide upon Carles Puigdemont’s identity on Monday (26.03.2018) afternoon after the Catalan independence leader was detained by police, while entering Germany on the way from Finland to Belgium, where he lives in an exile. The operation was reported as a ‘success’ of German and Spanish intelligence service cooperation.

The Court hearing will be a first legal step considering a possible extradition to the Kingdom of Spain.

On Friday last week, Madrid reactivated a European arrest warrant  for Puigdemont for the crime of rebelion, which denotes rebellion against the state. The former President of self-proclaimed Catalan Republic faces up to 30 years in prison on the sedition charges, interpreting a referendum as a crime against Spanish Crown.

The European Commission as a guardian of the Treaties, and a guarantor of Fundamental Rights, declines to see the faults of Spanish Justice, exercising political judiciary.


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