Primeurs of Bordeaux launches ceremony

Once a year an impressive ceremony in the universe of wine brings together Bordeaux producers, traders, buyers, importers and experts during the  launch of the famous week of primeurs of Bordeaux. This year, however, the harvest is less abundant, and the wines are more heterogeneous: the gel has passed by, and impacted the harvest.

The week of the primeurs is an spectacular event for any wine professional working with the great wines of Bordeaux. Organized every early April by the Union of Grands Crus of Bordeaux (UGCB), this event brings into limelight  the Bordeaux vineyards, namely the sale of wines en primeur.

For buyers and traders who have storage space and are ready to host the wines they have purchased, this is a way to get the precious goods at a significant discount. As for producers, making sales as quickly as possible guarantees them a significant cash flow.

The episodes of frost in the end of 2017 have impacted some properties, which normally market great wines. They observed their harvest collapse to a third of expected. Of the 134 members of the UGCB, six have even seen their production reduced to nothing. About twenty vineyards are missing this year, suffering loss from the frost.

The Grands Crus marketed during this week of Primeurs represent less than 5% of the volumes harvested in Bordeaux but, their staut of “grands crus”  in monetary terms weighs at least 20% of a sector that has generated nearly four billion euros in 2017.

Bordeaux: 80% of the grand crus will be sold by 13th April 2018



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