#Syria: EU-UN as “powerful symbol”

“Already the fact of having the European Union and the United Nations together is a very powerful symbol of our common approach that is based on the search for peaceful political solutions, the role of diplomacy, dialogue and respect – respect for people and human beings. It might sound basic, but especially in moments like this one – that do not look particularly encouraging, to use an euphemism – starting from people and persons is our common approach. And this is why I am glad that we started this Conference with a segment with civil society” – the EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini said.

“Special Envoy for Syria and I have just met representatives from Syrian civil society organisations, for almost three hours, and they will bring their contribution, their vision, their analyses and their recommendations to the ministerial session tomorrow, here in Brussels, at the Brussels Conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region”, – she continued.

“The main message that we brought t them and we underlined with them – why it is so important they are here with us – is that Syria is not a chessboard, it is not a geopolitical game. Syria belongs to the Syrian people and the Syrian people have to decide themselves about the future of their country. It is when a political stalemate is so dramatic as it is today and the military escalation risks to spread even further, and even deeper, that the role and voices of the Syrians, of the men and women and young men and women of the country, count the most. As they have shown courage, determination, engagement, wisdom in working together now for three days, on common ideas, despite different backgrounds, coming from different places – some of them are in Syria, some of them are outside – they show the courage to listen to each other, to respect each other, to understand and find common ground” Mogherini underlined.

“I believe this is a great model for those who should sit around another table, the UN-led table, and find a political solution for the crisis” – the diplomat concluded.

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