Villa Empain Renaissance

This summer Boghossian Foundation offers an exquisite cultural programme, combining visual arts exhibition Melancholia with virtuoso music concerts. The season opened with an exceptional event  in the framework of celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the declaration of the First Republic of Armenia in May 1918.

Celebrating the historic event with virtuoso music concerts, the organizers offered an opportunity to come in touch with genuine brilliance of talens of Armenian artists, and their openness to the world, reflected in the choice of the repertoire, equally honoring national and international composers.

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) marked Brussels cultural live offering two concerts: of classical music and jazz for the benefit of AGBU Children’s Centers in Yerevan.

The pieces of Shostakovich, Rachmaninov and Babadjanian were received with the greatest enthusiasm by Brussels classic music lovers in the  Salon of the Villa Empain  performed by  Varduhi Yeritsyan (pictured), a sophisticated French-Armenian pianist with an impressive  repertoire,  and illustrious Hrachya and Sevak Avanesyan brothers.

The concerts have been organized by the Performing Arts Board of AGBU France, in partnership with the AGBU Europe Headquarters, the Boghossian Foundation,  with the support of  the Armenian communities of Brussels and Belgium.

Founded in Cairo in 1906 by philanthropist Boghos Nubar, AGBU is the largest non-profit Armenian organization in the world. It runs numerous programmes in the fields of academic research, leadership training, the preservation and the promotion of heritage, education and culture as well as humanitarian assistance and development projects.

After an elaborate historic restoration of Villa Empain, in 2010 the Boghossian Foundation established its office in the magnificent surroundings, launching a cultural project devoted to a dialogue between Occident and Orient. The Villa’s rebirth has been especially welcomed by art-lovers, enjoying here an exceptional setting for the oeuvres and performances.

With the new ownership the outstanding piece of Art Deco architecture, signed by Swiss genius Michel Polak, returned to its original profile, chosen by Baron Louis Empain, who back in 1937 made a generous gift to Belgium state with a condition to devote the building to decorative and contemporary art exhibitions. It took almost a century of turmoil and neglect, before the jewel of Art Deco shined again in its startling beauty under direction of Boghossian Foundation.

Villa Empain pool



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