Caesarean on road kill saves babies

British farmer saved four unborn fox cubs by performing an emergency Caesarean on their dead mother at the side of the road.

Chris Rolfe saw a car hit a fox on his way home towards Haywards Heath, West Sussex,  the vixen, was killed instantly, but then noticed the movement of cubs inside her belly. The farmer accurately performed the procedure, and took the released  pups to his mother Jean. (Image above: illustration).

Ms.Rolfe, experienced in animal rescue, took good care of them, feeding cubs warm puppy milk every 20 minutes day and night. Only at age of five week they would stay for more than three hours  without food.

The girl baby-fox was named Biscuit, and her brothers Ginger, Little-Tip and Big-Tip due to markings on their fluffy tails.

At the end of May, when they reach 10 weeks old, they will be entrusted to the Fox Project, a charity which looks after about 900 injured or abandoned foxes every year.

Founder Trevor Williams said they will be housed in a large semi-wild pen to help them adjust to outdoor life, before being released.

“On a purely selfish note it’s going to be incredibly difficult to let them go”, Ms.Rolfe said. “But they are wild animals and the aim has always been to get them back out and hope they can use this second chance to live long and happy lives where they belong” she concluded.”

It’s so exciting to have got them to this point, they’re really quite amazing.”


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