ECB: ECJ versus German judges

The European Court of Justice found itself in utmost controvericial situation in its 68-year history created by the German judges.

In a long-awaited ruling on the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing program, Germany’s constitutional court in Karlsruhe accused the EU Court of Justice of overstepping its powers when it backed the ECB’s controversial policy.

The EU chief spokesperson declined an immediate reaciton to this particular issue, promisiing to look into it in-depth in cominng days. However he underlined that European Union law has a primacy over the German constitution and the rulings of the European Union’s top court are binding for the German constitutional court.

Reminindg of the EU general legal framework has been the Commission responce to a German constitutional court ruling that the Bundesbank must stop buying government bonds under the European Central Bank’s long-running stimulus scheme within three months unless the ECB can prove the purchases are needed.

The German ruling has been announced in contradiction to the EU’s top court ruling in 2018 that the ECB bond buying programme was in line with EU law.

“Notwithstanding the analysis of the detail of the German Constitutional Court decision today We reaffirm the primacy of the EU law, and the fact that the rulings of the European Court of Justice are binding on all national courts,” the Commission spokesperson said.

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