EU military training mission for Ukraine

Brussels 17.10.2022 Today in Luxembourg European Union top diplomats are expected to formally establish a mission to assist in the training of Ukrainian military personnel, known as EUMAM Ukraine as agreed at the EU Council in Prague earlier.

In Luxembourg the European diplomats will announce it to the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who has been invited to participate in the meeting.
Initially, Europe planned to train, on its own territory, about 15,000 members of the Ukrainians.

“Twelve thousand Ukrainians will receive basic military training and 2,800 more specialized training,” said a European official, Le Monde newspaper writes. “This is an initial objective, which can be increased later,” added another diplomatic source in Brussels. The EU training plan will be complementary to the UK programme, which has been ongoin since June, with the aid of several European armies, including Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

“At the moment, many member states are offering training, but in a somewhat disparate way. The mission will better coordinate everyone’s efforts, by centralizing Ukraine’s requests and the offers of European countries. We will also pool costs and facilitate logistics,” said a European diplomat. All volunteer countries, whether they already offer or plan to offer training in their own countries, will be able to do so under a single banner. And “although technically, the mission will not be launched until November,” added a Brussels source, “military training is already underway.”

These new arrangements have long been awaited by Josep Borrell, the EU top diplomat, whose establishment has already put forward the concept of a mission a few weeks prior to the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
On Monday, October 10, in front of all the EU ambassadors, Mr. Borrell lamented: “We should have done it” at the beginning of the year. “And now we are doing it quickly – well, quickly for European standards. Quickly for European standards means a couple of months. But unhappily, the war is still there, our training mission will have had the possibility of acting.”

The mission will be administrated from Brussels by the Military Planning and Conduct Capability, a body of the EU Military Staff that already offering the training courses to a African armed forces in Mozambique and Somalia.

Two main operational headquarters of the EU training programme will be located in Poland and Germany.

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