Tehran: Azerbaijan evacuates diplomats

Brussels 29.01.2023 Azerbaijan will evacuate Embassy staff and family members from Iran on Sunday, January 29, the Foreign ministry spokesperson said, two days after a gunman shot dead a security guard and wounded two other people in an attack Baku branded an “act of terrorism”.
The footage of surveillance cameras released on social media clearly displays the gunman getting out of a car with an AK-47 alone and entering the Embassy after exchanging a few words to the Iranian guard outside. Trend agency claims that he planned to embark on a killing spree at the Embassy before he was neutralized.

Police in Tehran informed that they had arrested a suspect and Iranian authorities condemned Friday’s incident, but said the gunman appeared to have had a personal, not a political, motive.

Azerbaijani Trend News Agency reported on Friday, January 27, that the attacker, who stormed the Embassy, opened fire and killed the head of the security, was identified as Iranian citizen Yasin Hosseinzadeh.

According to Trend News, “the perpetrator of the incident, Yasin Hosseinzadeh, is an Iranian citizen, and there are suspicions that he is related to Iran’s special services, especially the IRGC,” agency wrote, adding that Iranian security forces guarding the Embassy did not try to stop the attack.

Bomb-carrying drones targeted an Iranian defense factory in the city of Isfahan overnight, authorities said early Sunday, January 29, causing some damage to a plant amid international tensions towards the situation in the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian Defense Ministry kept silence on possible attacks perpetrators, which came as a refinery fire separately broke out in the country’s northwest and a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck nearby, killing three people.

Meanwhile, tensions also remain high with neighboring Azerbaijan after a gunman attacked that country’s embassy in Tehran, killing the head of security and wounding two others.

Details on the Isfahan attack, which happened around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, remained scarce. A Defense Ministry statement described three drones being launched at the facility, with two of them successfully shot down. A third apparently made it through to strike the construction, causing “minor damage” to its roof and wounding no one, the Ministry said. However, Tehran has been targeted in presumed Israeli drone strikes amid a shadow war with its rival as its nuclear JCPOA deal with world powers collapsed.

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